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blm Nymph
Swimming Isonychia Nymph
Tied by Scott Minster

Hook: Mustad 37160 #16
Thread: Black
Tail: Pheasant Tail Fibers
Body: Brown Opposum Dubbing
Gills: Grey Ostrich Herl
Dorsal Stripe: White Moose Mane Fiber
Wing Case: Turkey Tail
Legs: Black Indian Hen

Here are some of our favorite fly patterns - Tied at the Fly Tyer's Roundtable - February 2016
Black Slumpbuster
EC Caddis
Tied by Monty Murty

Hook: Dry Fly #16
Thread: Olive 8/0 Uni Thread
Body: Olive Superfine Dubbing
Wing: Elk Hair Down Wing
Trailing Shuck: Antron
Hackle: Grizzley Tied Parachute Style

Green Drake Nymph
Mop n' Glo
Tied By Paul Secosky

Hook: 2x Nymph
Thread: Orange
Tail: Mop Fiber
Head: Yellow Glo Bug Yarn
Blood Dot: Fire Red Glo Bug Yarn

Use a variety of colors of mop fibers and yarn

Adams Parachute
Tied by Ron Miller

Hook: Dry Fly#18-12
Thread: Gray
Tail: Brown & Grizzley
Body:Grey Fine Dry Fly Dubbing
Hackle: One Brown and one Brizzley
Wing Post: Poly Yarn