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2019 Youth Group Underway

The 2019 FTTU/Ligonier Middle School Youth Fly Fishing and Conservation program got underway on Wednesday, January 9.  The first meeting covered an introduction to fly fishing and the kids tied their first fly – a green weenie.
This year, there is also be an advanced class for kids who went through the beginners program last year. Both classes are held at the same time in separate rooms.
The classes run from 3:00 to 4:30 pm.

There are 17 kids signed up for the beginners class and 4 in the advanced class.

See the Community Service page for a complete schedule for 2019.


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Rock Run Water Testing For January

Alkalinity Testing
Todd Griffith and Denny Hess measure alkalinity on Rock Run

Here are the results of Rock Run water testing for January, 2019.
Air Temperature: 36 degrees F
Water Temperature: 41 dgrees F
pH: 6.3
Alkalinity: 2.9
Linn Run Gauge: 2.1
Linn Run Discharge: 33.2

We also took samples on Linn Run above the mouth of Rock Run
Water Temperature: 39.5 degrees F
pH: 6.7
Alkalinity: 6.0


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Your Picnic and Raffle Dollars at Work

Thanks to the fantastic response from members to our 45th Anniversary fundraiser mailing, we were able to raise over $3,000! The money is being put to work in updating our Youth Group and Trout in the Classroom equipment. The chapter recently purchased a water filtration system and consumable supplies for a new TIC Aquarium being set up at the Ligonier Middle School.

We also purchased fly tying materials and 7 new Regal vises for the Youth Group. Thanks to Regal Engineering for a generous discount on the vises and Clearsource for an equally generous discount on the filtration system.

The TIC aquarium is in progress and the Youth Group will start up at the Ligonier Middle School in January. We plan to address other needs with the picnic earnings such as loaner waders for the kids in the near future.


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Rock Run Numbers For December

Here’s the data for this month’s water testing from the mouth of Rock Run.

Air Temperature: 37 degrees F
Water Temperature: 40 degrees F
Linn Run Gauge: 2.10
Linn Run Discharge: 33.2
pH: 6.5
Alkalinity: 3.2

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FTTU Assists with Leaf Pack Study

Leaf Pack Training
Becky Bell leads the leaf pack training. Leaf bags are visible on the table.

Volunteers from FTTU were on hand for an educational day on the stream with local junior high school students. Becky Bell, a retired biology teacher with the group Graceful Aging, conducted the session at the Adams Falls area of Linn Run State Park. The kids learned about macroinvertebrates and how to conduct a leaf pack study. Leaves from various species of trees surrounding the stream are placed in mesh bags and anchored in the stream. Macroinvertebrates, which feed on leaf litter, take up residence in the leaf packs. After a period of 3-4 weeks, the students will collect the bags and analyze their contents. We are interested in seeing if the summer flash floods which scoured Linn Run’s stream bed, had an effect on the macro populations. For more info on leaf packs see

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In Memory of Chuck Kuchta

Chuck Kuchta (left) and Russ Mason working on an FTTU stream clean up project in the ’80’s.

We at FTTU were shocked and saddened to hear that Chuck Kuchta passed away while out hunting on Monday, November 12. Chuck was a long time member of FTTU whose involvement goes back decades. Chuck served on the Board of Directors for many years and also as chapter treasurer. He was instrumental in organizing many banquets and his booming voice could be heard calling out the winners in the raffles. Chuck also helped out with the Youth Group and other chapter projects going back to the ’70’s. He will be greatly missed for his knowledge and experience as well as his larger-than-life personality and friendship.

Chuck was an avid outdoorsman and was also a member of AFLOAT and the Kingston Sportsman’s Club.

On a personal note, when I first got involved with FTTU, I didn’t know anyone. Chuck and Russ Mason were the guys who were friendly and welcoming to me. Chuck gave me a hug when I agreed to take over the newsletter!
-Scott Minster


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FTTU Volunteers Help With TIC Egg Distribution

Trout In The Classroom egg packing took place on Tuesday, November 6th at the PFBC’s Centre Regional Office in Bellefonte, PA. Participants from FTTU were Monty Murty, Denny Hess, Milt Claney and Larry Myers. They were among about 40 volunteers, from various TU chapters. Participants packed eggs in Styrofoam boxes along with ice and food suitable for three different age groups of fish from hatchlings to fingerling trout ready to be released. Over 390 containers were shipped via Fed Ex to schools across the state with expended delivery within two days. They had a two line assembly process that worked very smoothly. The entire process took less than four hours and finished up  with a pizza lunch provided by PFBC.

PFBC technicians sorted and weighed batches of eggs amounting to approximately 300 eggs per package. As in the wild, there is a high rate of attrition, students will be lucky to have a dozen fingerlings to release in the spring. It’s a tough life for a brook trout! It was quite a learning experience for those new to the process. PFBC was very well organized and the guys had a chance to meet and chat with fellow TU members from other chapters.


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November Meeting Announcement

This month we have a historic slide show of photos from Russ Mason’s collection. Stream projects, float stockings, clean-ups and other chapter activities from the ’70’s and ’80’s. Learn about FTTU history or reminisce about the good old days, Russ took photos from almost the very beginnings of the chapter.

Have any old/vintage tackle? Bamboo fly rods, old reels or accessories? Bring your articles to the meeting for an evaluation. We’ll have reference materials and we’ll see if we can find some information or a value for your stuff!

Business meeting at 6:00 pm, slide show at 7:00 pm.

See You There!


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Rock Run Testing November

Here’s the Rock Run test results from November 3, 2018.
pH = 6.5
Alkalinity = 4.9
Water Temperature = 47 degrees F
Air Temerature = 37 degrees F
Linn Run Gauge = 2.03
Linn Run Discharge = 31.2



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Erie Tribs Access On-Line

Steelhead season is upon us and if you are planning a trip to the Lake Erie tributaries, the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission has an on-line tool to locate access points.
With funds from the lake Erie license stamp, the PAF&BC is always working on purchasing property or acquiring easements to improve angler access. The map tool is available  HERE.
This is the most up-to-date resource showing public access on the Lake Erie tributaries.