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FTTU Volunteers Help With TIC Egg Packing

FTTU Volunteers from Left to right: Michelle Yocabet, David Hawk, Ron Rodgers, Bob Shusko, Larry Myers, Ron Miller, Monty Murty, Tom VanDyke and Denny Hess.

On Monday, October 7, FTTU member volunteers traveled to Benner Springs Hatchery to help pack and ship trout eggs to Trout in the Classroom schools all over Pennsylvania. There were 27 helpers from 5 different chapters assisting 26 PAF&BC employees. As you can see from the photo, FTTU was well represented! Trout eggs were placed in plastic bags along with some water and a shot of oxygen. The eggs packs were placed in styrofoam containers along with some trout food and ice then packaged in boxes and shipped overnight to TIC schools.
The eggs are “eyed” meaning a fish egg containing an embryo that has developed enough so that the black spot of the eyes are visible through the egg membrane. It indicates that the egg is less sensitive to movement and can be handled safely, e.g. for transportation.
Due to concerns over gill lice and competition with native fish, the PAF&BC has switched to rainbow trout for the TIC program and moved egg shipment up a month to October.

“Eyed” Trout Eggs
Ron Rodgers and David Hawk get bags ready for filling.



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FTTU Recognized with Best Website Award

Website designer and FTTU Secretary Scott Minster (left) and PA Council Vice President Monty Murty show off the PA Trout best website award.

Ever wonder what the top TU website in Pennsylvania looks like? Well, you’re looking at it! was given the PA Council of Trout Unlimited’s Best Website Award at the state meetings in Petersburg, PA on September 14.
The site is a complete volunteer effort with only about $100 of chapter funds spent annually on site hosting and domain registration.
If there is anything you would like to see featured on the site contact us at







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Rock Run Water Tests For October

Mouth of Rock Run October 2, 2019. There is indeed flowing water in two channels even though the stream appears dried up in the photo. We need rain to bring up the stream levels and to allow for trout movement to spawning habitat.

Here’s the numbers taken October 2, 2019

Air Temperature – 76 Degrees F
Water Temperature – 65.5 Degrees F
pH – 6.7
Alkalinity – 15.8
Linn Run Gauge – 1.35
Linn Run Discharge – 1.95

Alkalinity numbers have spiked upwards since limestone was added in August. Could it be from the limestone more than 2 miles upstream, or is it just from lack of rain and low flow, or maybe both?
This month’s flow was the lowest recorded in the 2 years we have been doing the monthly tests.
If you look at the monthly photos, you will notice more and more black rocks starting in July. These rocks were probably flipped over from high flow from heavy rain in June and July. Click the link RR PH and Alkalinity 2019 for the results from the past year.


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Rock Run Tests September 19

Flow goes down, alkalinity goes up. Here’s the Rock Run numbers for September 2109 (taken 8-31-19).
Lowest flow measured so far in 2019.

Air Temperature – 66 degrees F
Water Temperature – 61.5 degrees F
Linn Run Gauge – 1.44
Linn Run Discharge – 3.03
pH – 6.6
Alkalinity – 9.9
Flow – Low and Clear
Last Rain – 8-28-19




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Rock Run Work Day Report

After two cancellations due to wet conditions, we were finally able to get the limestone sand into position in the headwaters of Rock Run. The high calcium limestone sand (26 tons, $1,500 – your raffle fundraiser dollars at work) was delivered back on May 6 but we had to wait for conditions up on Laurel Mountain to be right in order to move the sand to the banks of the east fork of Rock Run.
The sand will gradually be swept downstream with rain and runoff becoming a part of the stream bed – acting as a buffer for acid precipitation.
We owe Linn Run Park Manager Doug Finger and his staff a big thank you for their help. Doug was able to bring in some heavy equipment making the work even possible. Even with a front loader and dump bed pick-up, it was a lot of work with Doug making numerous trips with the truck himself.
Ralph Koscianski, Denny Hess and Larry Myers of FTTU were there to help out. With this load, we will be set for at least a couple of years.





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Rock Run Sampling Results August 2019

Here’s the numbers for our monthly water testing at the mouth of Rock Run.

Air Temperature: 76 degrees F
Water Temperature: 62 degrees F
Linn Run Gauge: 1.73
Linn Run Discharge: 5.84
Flow: Medium/Clear
pH: 6.4
Alkalinity: 5.2

Alkalinity tends to improve when the flow goes down. This was the lowest flow on our testing days for the year by the Linn Run gauge.
Check out the results from 2018-2109 here –  RR Alkalinity.



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Rock Run Workday Rescheduled

Limestone sand is trucked in to the headwaters of Rock Run

The workday for Rock Run that had been cancelled twice due to wet conditions has been rescheduled for Monday, August 5, 2019, weather permitting. The goal is to move the limestone sand that was delivered in May to position along the stream banks in the headwaters.

If you want to help out or just want to observe and learn more about the project, we are meeting at 9 a.m. at the Linn Run State Park office which is located on Linn Run Road.









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Rock Run Work Day Cancelled

Until further notice, the work day scheduled for Monday, July 22, 2019 at Rock Run has been cancelled due to wet conditions.
We were planning on moving the recent shipment of limestone sand into position along the stream in the headwaters, but the ground is too wet for the equipment to get to where the sand is located.

At this time there is no new date. Once conditions improve, we will reschedule.



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Rock Run Test Results 7-6-19

Mouth of Rock Run July 2019

Here’s the results of the monthly water testing at the mouth of Rock Run for July.

Air Temperature: 73 Degrees F
Water Temperature: 59.5 Degrees F
Linn Run Discharge: 32.9
Linn Run Gauge: 2.2
Flow: High and Clear
Alkalinity: 2.5
pH: 6.68






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Picnic Report

The 2019 picnic was a big success. Thanks to all of you who attended and to all who purchased raffle tickets. The response to our mailing was outstanding, we sold over 600 tickets through the mail again this year. We had more donations of prizes last year, but this year’s profits nearly equaled 2018. The chapter is in excellent financial standing for 2019-20.

Congratulations to the raffle winners

Headwaters Fly Rod with Reel and Line – Ticket #0046 – Jim Shusko – Slickville, PA

$460.00 Cash Jackpot – Ticket #4330 – Hunter Mohan – Greensburg, PA

Regal Vise – Ticket #4865 – Ed Barger – North Huntingdon, PA

Orvis Clearwater Rod – Ticket #4155 – R.P. Rost – Rector, PA

Umpqua Chest Pack – Ticket #1318 – Rod Cross – Acme, PA

Highest Bidder on Bamboo Walking Staff – Aaron Mitchell – Ohio

We are now on summer vacation. We will reconvene at our September meeting on Wednesday, the 4th at 6:00 pm at the Westmoreland Conservation District Barn in Greensburg. The topic will be “All About Ticks & Mosquitoes”.