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Trout Unlimited Clears Litter Along Loyalhanna Creek

Teams of Forbes Trail Trout Unlimited worked at three locations to pick up litter along the banks of the Loyalhanna on Tuesday, April 18.  The section of stream in Ligonier is designated by the PA Fish & Boat Commission as both Delayed Harvest Artificial Lures Only (DHALO) and a PA Select Stream.  And Trout Unlimited has included it in their top ten premier trout streams in their Laurel Highlands Trout Trail program.  In other words, it’s a very special trout stream because of its natural beauty and superior water quality.  Unfortunately, a few thoughtless people continue to ignore the charm of the stream and leave their drink bottles, candy wrappers and bait containers scattered along the trails and banks.

As part of the annual Great American Cleanup of PA and Great Ligonier Valley Cleanup, Forbes Trail partnered with Loyalhanna Watershed Association to pick up trash along the DHALO section, around the causeway at Sleepy Hollow and on Mission Road in Latrobe.  Fortunately, it’s a very tiny percentage of the general public who still refuse to manage their wastes properly.  And more than likely the same slobs that throw their trash in the same locations every year.  TU encourages angler to leave absolutely no trace other than boot prints.  And in fact, anglers are asked to carry a bag to pick up trash left by others, leaving the stream banks even cleaner than they find them.

The teams picked up 20 bags of trash and one lawn chair.  The most unusual find was a garter snake trying to stay warm inside a discarded bed pillow.  They had to clean an illegal dump where someone, possibly a local resident, dumped garbage over the hillside, directly across the stream from the Giant Eagle supermarket.  Residents are asked to report illegal dumpers to the PA State Police or Keep PA Beautiful.  Littering in PA carries a fine of up to $300.  It’s only a few careless people causing the problem.  Do your part to report them.  It’s your tax dollars that pay Penn DOT to pick up and dispose of all the littler collected along the highways and streams.  We can find better ways to celebrate Earth Day than picking up trash left by a few thoughtless litterbugs!

Clean-up 1
Picking up trash along Mission Road in Latrobe
This garter snake came out to say “thanks for cleaning up my neighborhood!”
Clean-Up 3
Mission Road crew L-R Ron Miller, Bill Simogyi and Angela Schultheis
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Earth Day Litter Sweep


In conjunction with the Loyalhanna Watershed Association, FTTU celebrated Earth Day on Thursday, April 22, by holding a litter clean-up day on two sections of Loyalhanna Creek. The Latrobe crew worked from the 982 bridge to about 100 yards downstream of the Mission Road Bridge (Murphy’s Bridge) and collected 15 bags of trash and some large junk items. This area had not been done in quite some time. We had 4 (and a half!) volunteers work this area including Angela Schultheis, Everett Schultheis, Ron Miller, Ed Barger and Scott Minster.

The Ligonier volunteers worked from the 711 bridge to the Two Mile Run bridge and filled 9 trash bags along with some large junk items. This area was last done in 2019 since we had to cancel last year’s clean-up. The Ligonier crew consisted of Joe Billota, Milt Claney, Rod Cross, Monty Murty, Larry Myers and Bonnie Robinson.

The L.W.A. provided gloves and trash bags and Penn Dot will pick up the piles of trash. Thanks to all who participated!