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More Cancellations

Sad to report that our Veterans Outing scheduled for May 2 at the Kingston Sportsmen’s Club has been canceled and tentatively rescheduled for May, 1, 2021. The family outdoors event scheduled for May 31 at Keystone State Park has also been canceled.

We will not be having a May meeting, but we may go ahead with the litter pick-up on May 6 if Penn Dot will still haul away the trash. We would all have to keep spread out. For now all clean ups are on hold. Check back here for updates.

FTTU officers and directors will be keeping in touch with each other via emails and video conferencing and will continue to plan for the future.

Some good news, two of three area Trout in the Classroom programs have released their fish and the third has the school principal feeding the trout and will be released soon.

Trout fishing is still on but members are encouraged to follow common sense social distancing protocol, travel to the stream in separate cars, and bring your own drinks and lunches. Of course, most of us prefer to get as much space to ourselves as we can on the stream so that’s helpful for proper stream etiquette. See the PAF&BC guidelines in the previous post.

So, until we meet again, be careful, stay healthy and stay informed on FTTU news with


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Trout Fishing FAQ’s

In the age of COVID-19, you may have questions concerning trout fishing for the spring of 2020. The early season opener in southeastern Pennsylvania has been canceled, but the statewide opener on April 18th and Mentored Youth Day on April 11th are still on. Streams and lakes are still being stocked but the PAF&BC asks that you do not come out to help. For the official statement from the Fish Commission, click here.


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Beware of Fraudulent Emails

A couple of us have received bogus emails from someone posing as an FTTU officer asking for assistance. Do not reply to this email or any email of which you do not recognize the sender’s email address. General membership should only receive emails with the official TU masthead.


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April Meeting & Thursday Fly Tying Canceled

Again, due to the COVID-19 outbreak, FTTU’s April meeting scheduled for Wednesday, the 1st, has been canceled. Check back here for more updates and schedule changes.

Also, the Thursday afternoon fly tying group meetings at the Tin Lizzy have been canceled until further notice.



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No Public Help with Trout Stocking This Spring

This just in from the PA Fish & Boat Commission. In compliance with limits placed on public gatherings due to the COVID 19 outbreak, the Fish Commission has asked that volunteers do not come out to help with trout stocking this year. They are reassigning personnel to take care of the stockings as thoroughly and efficiently as possible but request that all helpers stay home this year.

From area WCO Dan Wilson, “I want to personally thank every volunteer that has come out and assisted with stockings within the county this year and every year in the past. Amid all of the other changes, I will ask that you note that due to restrictions, volunteers will not be permitted to assist with stocking activities for the 2020 season. I hope to get this information to all members within the county to make people aware of this restriction. I want to avoid having volunteers show up and being informed at the stockings that they will not be able to participate. I know that this will be a concern and disappoint many anglers within the state, but I am trying to do my part to inform as many participants as I can before anyone makes the trip. I also appreciate everyone’s understanding during this uncertain time. If anyone has any questions please let me know. Thank you and I hope everyone is well”

See the PAF&BC website for updates on the trout stocking schedules as they are subject to change.

Here is a link to the official statement from PAF&BC.



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Cancellations and Schedule Changes

Due to the school shut downs, the March 25th and April 1st Youth Outdoor Club sessions have been canceled. The on-stream casting and fishing session is still on, but has been rescheduled for April 9th on Loyalhanna Creek’s DHALO section.



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Women’s Fly Tying Cancelled

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the ladies fly tying event scheduled for Sunday, March 29 has been cancelled. Those who have already paid will receive refunds. The event may be rescheduled for a later date.


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Rock Run Water Tests March 2020

We used 4 different pH meters!

Recent rains have brought the flow up high and fast but, as always, clear. Here’s the results of our water quality testing done March 4, 2020.

Air Temperature: 48 degrees F
Water Temperature: 41.5 degrees F
Linn Run Gauge: 2.31
Linn Run Discharge: 48.8
Alkalinity: 3.0
pH: 6.8





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March Meeting

Slideshow ScreenSpring is almost here! Come celebrate with us at our March meeting where we will feature our popular “Slide Show n Tell”. Bring photos or video of your outdoors adventures and we’ll put them up on the big screen. Anyone can participate and topics from any locale from Loyalhanna Creek to Patagonia are welcome.
You can also learn about ongoing and future FTTU projects. Meeting begins at 6:00 pm, Wednesday, March 4, 2020 at the Nimick Education Center in Ligonier.








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Rock Run Testing February 2020

Water testing was performed on Monday February 3rd.

Air Temperature: 56 Degrees F
Water Temperature: 41 Degrees F
pH: 6.8
Alkalinity: 2.8
Linn Run Gauge: 1.95
Linn Run Discharge: 19.9